Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Reviews

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Reviews

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Reviews 1

I couldn’t find anyone’s experience before I had to go through Chapter 7 bankruptcy. So I made a video my own experience a couple of weeks later. I also asked my friends and family for their input. I was surprised how many people had filed Chapter 7. Folks don’t talk about it much.


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13 replies
  1. Marvin Martinez
    Marvin Martinez says:

    In california filling fee us $335… my attorney charge me $ counseling fee was $25..the 2nd one $35… court date is Sept 29…thanks for the video…

  2. Texasapathy
    Texasapathy says:

    Mike, did you get your letter of discharge after 90 days? What is with the 90 day thing anyway? My trusty meeting went great, my Atty said that everything was done, so when do I get my letter, if you know.
    Thanks Sir,

  3. Arlis Tyner
    Arlis Tyner says:

    Thanks. I'm about to go through this, and I have found just what you said: a bunch of videos from lawyers. This video is very reassuring.

  4. mikep95133
    mikep95133 says:

    BTW, a couple of weeks ago I received in the mail, my Order of Discharge letter from the bankruptcy judge. So, it's all done. Even though creditors are suppose to stop calling as soon as I filed, they kept calling. Once the letter arrived, my phone rings far, far less.


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